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Michael Huey (b. 1986) is an award-nominated Composer and Sound Designer based in Chicago, Illinois. From icy evocative textures that lull the listener into a hypnotic trance to frenetic explosions of unbridled adrenaline and emotion, his music for film and theatre encompasses an eclectic variety of styles and influences including Classical, Film, Synth, Pop, Rock, Jazz, and Musical Theatre. 


Michael has composed music and designed sound for over 60 theatrical productions across the Chicago area and abroad.  He has a long running history with Lookingglass Theatre Company, Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Sideshow Theatre Company, Adventure Stage, Filament Theatre, Bros do Prose, Jackalope Theatre Company, and many more. He has been nominated twice by the Joseph Jefferson Awards for his music and sound design. Michael's score for the thriller DARK AWAKENING can be found on all major music platforms including iTunes. 

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