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Dark Awakening (2015) dir. Dean C. Jones.  Worldwide Theatrical Release

Legend of Amba (2015)  dir. Kaelen Strouse

X: Sideshow Theatre Company

HeLa: Sideshow Theatre Company

Treasure Island: Bros do Prose

Peter Pan: Bros do Prose

The Snow Queen: Filament Theatre

Truth and Reconciliation: Sideshow Theatre Company

As You Like It: North Park University

Tartuffe: University of Illinois at Chicago

Akeelah and the Bee: Adventure Stage Chicago

Life is a Dream: University of Illinois at Chicago

Intimate Apparel: University of Illinois at Chicago

The Happiest Place on Earth: Sideshow Theatre Company

The Van Gogh Cafe: Filament Theatre Company

Robin Hood: Filament Theatre Company

Hotel Cassiopeia: North Park University

Sight Unseen: Adventure Stage Chicago

The New Kid: Adventure Stage Chicago/North Park University

Chalk:  Sideshow Theatre Company

Worthy: Adventure Stage 

Three Faces of Dr. Crippen (NYC Fringe 2014) Strange Tree

Spark! : Adventure Stage 

The Dead Prince: Strange Tree

9 Circles: Sideshow

The Half-Brothers Mendelssohn: Strange Tree

Funeral Wedding: Strange Tree

Freshly Fallen Snow: Chicago Dramatists 

Idomeneus: Sideshow 

The Gacy Play: Sideshow 

Goodbye, Cruel World: Strange Tree

The Giver: Adventure Stage

The Spirit Play: Strange Tree-  *Jeff Nomination Original Music*

Tragedy: Red Tape

The Three Faces of Doctor Crippen:  Strange Tree

columbinus: Truman State University

s.o.s. (Kansas City Fringe Festival)


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