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"Michael Huey's sound and music design is brilliant, by the way..."

LUCHA TEOTL: Goodman Theatre Company

Passage: Remy Bumppo Theatre Company  *EQUITY JEFF NOMINATION*

The Spirit Play: Strange Tree-  *NON-EQUITY JEFF NOMINATION*

The Smuggler: Jackalope Theatre Company


Her Honor Jane Byrne: Lookingglass Theatre Company

Among the Dead: Jackalope Theatre Company

X: Sideshow Theatre Company

HeLa: Sideshow Theatre Company

Treasure Island: Bros do Prose

Peter Pan: Bros do Prose

The Snow Queen: Filament Theatre

Truth and Reconciliation: Sideshow Theatre Company​​

Akeelah and the Bee: Adventure Stage Chicago

Life is a Dream: University of Illinois at Chicago

Intimate Apparel: University of Illinois at Chicago

The Happiest Place on Earth: Sideshow Theatre Company

The Van Gogh Cafe: Filament Theatre Company

Robin Hood: Filament Theatre Company​

Sight Unseen: Adventure Stage Chicago

The New Kid: Adventure Stage Chicago/North Park University

Chalk:  Sideshow Theatre Company

Worthy: Adventure Stage 

Three Faces of Dr. Crippen (NYC Fringe 2014) Strange Tree

Spark! : Adventure Stage 

The Dead Prince: Strange Tree

9 Circles: Sideshow

The Half-Brothers Mendelssohn: Strange Tree

Funeral Wedding: Strange Tree Group

Freshly Fallen Snow: Chicago Dramatists 

Idomeneus: Sideshow 

The Gacy Play: Sideshow 

Goodbye, Cruel World: Strange Tree Group

The Giver: Adventure Stage​

Tragedy: Red Tape

The Three Faces of Doctor Crippen:  Strange Tree Group​

s.o.s. (Kansas City Fringe Festival)

Film and 


Dark Awakening (2015) dir. Dean C. Jones.  Worldwide Theatrical Release

Legend of Amba (2015)  dir. Kaelen Strouse

American Girl (2014) Various Installations in NYC, Chicago and Los Angeles

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